Bibliotek i exil: Det Kurdiska biblioteket i Stockholm

Annsofi Lindberg
Magisteruppsats, Bibliotekshögskolan i Borås, 2007
Sammanfattning på engelska:
The purpose of this thesis is library work in exile, more specifically The Kurdish library in Stockholm (Kurdiska biblioteket). The Kurds have a long history of exile, forming a part of their national and cultural identity. I have therefore chosen in the analysis three concepts: nationalism, ethnicity and culture. The Kurdish library is unique and is different from a traditional library in many ways. I will therefore analyse acquisition, catalogue, and information work in a broader perspective. The method I have chosen is a Cultural sociology method (?cultural studies?), derived from theories by Karl Mannheim and Anthony Giddens. I will also, for a broader perspective, use theories from the Sociology of literature-field, by Johan Svedjedal and Lars Furuland. My thesis will also include a historical exposé over the Kurds and Kurdistan, related to the questions about the library work. Part of the thesis deals with publishing, press and writing in Kurdistan. Many of the Kurdish immigrants in Sweden are working in these fields (Mehmed Tayfun names circa 50 authors in his book). There are no sharp lines between authorship, publishing, press, or library. I discuss what this means to the Kurdish library. Also what the Internet can mean for the library?s future. My thesis tries to show and exemplify what a library in the Diaspora can be, but also what makes it so special.

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Bibliotek i exil: det Kurdiska biblioteket i Stockholm

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